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Hello! Welcome to the website of John Dougherty, children’s author - not to mention poet and songwriter. Shall we start with a couple of pictures?

But you didn’t come here to look at pictures of me. Would you like to know more about what’s on the site? Have a look down there. On the bit where it says ‘About This Website.’

An Awfully Big Blog Adventure is the cooperative blog I help to edit. At the time of writing there are about thirty of us who contribute, all children’s writers and all members of the Scattered Authors’ Society. It’s updated almost every day, and well worth a visit - do take a look!

About This Website

The main sections on the site are:

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About JohnAbout_John.htmlAbout_John.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0

That’s this page. It tells you about the site. But since you’re here, you already knew that.

This page tells you about my books...

...and this one tells you about my poetry...

...and this one tells you about my songs. Hmmm. Perhaps the sections are actually pretty self-explanatory.

Oooh! This one’s really important. Well, they all are, but this one tells you about what I do when I visit schools, and how to get me to come and do it at yours.

This is where to find out more stuff about me that you haven’t found out on any of the other pages.

On this page, you’ll find links to things I’m involved with or interested in.

You can visit all of these sections by using the navigation menu at the top of every page. Some pages have links that will take you to other pages not shown in the menu. Have fun exploring!


Can you believe that there are people trying to CLOSE LIBRARIES? I’m so cross. This page tells you a bit more.

And now you can buy John’s books from this website as well!Bookstore.htmlBookstore.htmlshapeimage_17_link_0
An Awfully Big Blog Adventure
I’m enormously proud to be Patron of Reading at West Earlham Junior School in Norwich!